A little bit about...

My name is Laurelle-Maria (LM) or just Laurelle for short. I'm a Media & Communications creative, specialising mostly in Photography.


It all started for me, in 2012, as I was studying a course which included Public Relations (PR), Events Industries, Fashion Photography, Film Studies and Journalism in Practice (whew, catch your breath lol). I continued photography as a freelancer after graduating, and found I often enjoyed using my broader media knowledge, alongside photography to help others with their portfolios, business branding and marketing strategies.


As a result I often dabble in a varied range of Public Relations (online marketing), Branding & Design (social media content, promotional and web design work) Creative Writing i.e. short scripts, casting calls/ project briefs and legal business documentation (also useful for business startups that require plans, proposals, policies and risk assessments to name a few.

Throughout my freelancing, I’ve had great opportunities to work on some truly inspiring, artsy projects as well as plan and execute my own. All whilst additionally meeting many influential creatives along the way. I strongly believe in working together to create something magical, and encourage fellow creatives and my clients to draw on their inspirations when we're working together, so we can really bring our visions to life!

Please take your time, look around and explore some of my favourite snaps and projects on this site x